Smeg SO6104APG 600 Linea Neptune Oven OmniChef


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Omnichef Galileo Oven Multitech Linea Aesthetic

Oven that combines traditional, steam, and microwave cooking for experimenting with new culinary opportunities and achieving professional results right at home
  • 150 automatic recipes for perfect results – Smartcooking
  • Innovative loading system to add water even when the door is closed – Fill&Hide
  • Setting up to 3 different cooking technologies in sequence in the same recipe for amazing results – MULTISTEP cooking
  • Dishes with different cooking methods all ready at the same time to make up one single dish – SameTime
  • Gentle cooking with temperature probe for a perfect result – DeltaT
  • Uniform cooking thanks to new microwave technology – Inverter technolgy
  • Improved microwave distribution thanks to new technology – Stirrer
Weight 70 kg


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