Siemens EX975KXW1E iQ700 Induction hob 90cm Black

Siemens EX975KXW1E iQ700 90cm flex induction ceramic hob, full touch TFT display


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Siemens flexInduction cooktop is designed for greater flexibility when cooking



Pays attention to your pans: fryingSensor Plus.


fryingSensor Plus makes cooking easier and ensures vegetables stay firm, and fish and meat are cooked just right. Just select the programme you want, wait for the signal, add oil to the pan – and then fry at the ideal temperature. fryingSensor Plus takes control, and you can relax. The integrated fryingSensor Plus gives you full precision when frying by keeping the dish at the defined power level as soon as this has been reached.

Shift the heat by shifting the pan: powerMove.


powerMove Plus lets you separate your cooktop into three different heating zones. From roasting at highest temperatures in the back to keeping meals warm in the front – the individual zones are activated by simply placing the cookware on them.


The turbocharger for powerInduction: powerBoost function.


The powerBoost function increases power by up to 50 %. This can save up to 35 % of the time it takes to heat up pots or cook large quantities.


Greater cooking convenience thanks to the timer function.

Timer with cooking zone shut-off function


The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires.

Any place is the right place: flexMotion.


Less time adjusting the hob controls, more time cooking. flexMotion remembers the heat settings for individual pans, so you can move them freely across the hob – the temperature on the new cooking zone automatically adapts.

Hazards are eliminated: the childproof lock.


With the childproof lock button, you can quickly and easily protect each induction hob against unauthorised operation. The childproof lock blocks all the hob’s functions at the touch of a button. Locking is cleared by pressing the button again and holding down for a few seconds.

Information about your hob, no matter where you are – Home Connect App (Android and iOS).

The world of technological innovation constantly progresses. Step by step, more appliances become more connected and intelligent. With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, this development finally makes its way into your home. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options. While some ease the workload and some open up completely new possibilities, all of them make everyday life as efficient and comfortable as never before. And you can spend more time on the things you like. For a life less ordinary.

Fast, safe, and easy to clean: powerInduction from Siemens.


Instantly hot. Instantly cold. Experience the benefits of Siemens powerInduction. Heat is conducted directly to the pans and their contents via induction coils, without heating the hob. What this means for you: heat-up times are short, safety is increased and the hob is much easier to clean.

The flexible cooking zone for flexible cooking: flexInduction.


Pots and cookware are just as diverse as the dishes that you prepare with them. With flexInduction, you are able to adjust your cooktop flexibly to your needs. Rectangular induction cooking zones can be joined to create a single large one. The cooking zone can be perfectly adopted to size and form of your cookware.

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