Siemens ET475FYB1E iQ500 Modular Teppan yaki 40cm

Siemens ET475FYB1E iQ500 Modular Teppan yaki 40cm


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The Domino teppanyaki cooktop for preparing light, low-fat dishes the typical Japanese way.


glass ceramic cover

Tastefully integrated into the Domino unit when not in use, thanks to the high-quality glass ceramic cover.

40 cm wide teppanyaki

The 40 cm wide teppanyaki is ideal for combining with other Domino or faceted design cooktops.

2 cooking zones

Depending on the requirements and quantities the two cooking zones can be heated together or seperately.

Temperature control without knobs or dials: touchSlider control.


Our innovative touchSlider technology allows you to control the temperature of the cooking zones either by directly tapping the operating scale or sliding your finger along it. Sensor-based heat regulation takes place in half levels up to the maximum setting of 9.

Weight 40 kg


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