About US,




A&S Wholesalers started 30 years ago as a humble small business located in Pretoria, simply known as A&S. A&S started off retailing local branded electronics and local music, during the time when owning vinyl records were cherished and considered a privilege. Over the years this small family owned business grew and began wholesaling to other retail outlets across the country, and then became known as A&S Wholesalers.


As the years passed, A&S began to solidify relationships with manufacturers of all major current brands in South Africa, and began wholesaling product to the entire South Africa, and across the borders to neighbouring countries.


A&S Wholesalers is now a major wholesaler of branded electronics, home appliances, home entertainment, audio visual equipment, cameras, cellular phones and mobile technology, gaming, and car audio.


We buy in bulk, and we strive to obtain the best pricing in the country. We always keep the newest lines available and generally amongst the first to stock new launches. Our vision is to diversify our operation to entertain all your entertainment needs J

We continually strive towards full customer satisfaction, and we inculcate a culture where we aim to serve only YOU. We want your experience with us to be everlasting, and nothing short of simply amazing. We are so committed to providing full customer satisfaction that you can request anything your heart desires, and we will strive to make your wish come true, at the most affordable price.


In our plight to provide the best shopping experience, we require your honest and most critical feedback, so that we never lose our passion to exceed your expectations.

We invite you to come into our store, and meet the team to experience our service first hand, or simply join us for a cup of coffee to share your thoughts.


Our loyal customer base has been developed over the years purely on good experiences, and we want everyone to share in this experience. SO please subscribe free of charge, and we will notify you of our consistently available bargains, whether you choose to purchase or not, or maybe share with a friend or loved one that may be requiring an item.